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A master ad-libber, Hiram Kasten has performed for companies as large and diverse as AT&T (formerly SBC Communications), Mandalay Bay Resorts Group, and a private party at the home of Mr. Kalish, the founder of K-Mart. It always works great because Hiram tailors every show to perfectly fit each occasion. Think of it as a custom made suit. Of course, he always works clean. He's also pretty handsome in his tux!

When somebody needs to be honored...or "roasted," Hiram Kasten is the guy to call because, beforehand, he'll arrange patter with the other guests and together they will present a once in a lifetime show; something your honoree will never forget.

Master of Ceremonies:

From years of being the emcee at Catch A Rising Star and Dangerfield's in New York City, Hiram has garnered a reputation for the ease with which he faces any audience. Known throughout the comedy world as one of the all time great ad-libbers, he will make your function special by doing his show while incorporating everybody and everything in it. Every show is unique to its surroundings. Always clean .... unless it's a bachelor party!