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Hiram Kasten specializes in helping young actors discover what makes the persona they present funny within the framework of naturalistic acting.  Through improv and scene study, the actor will understand the comedic light that must shine within everything they create.  They will learn how
their instincts will carry them beyond any fear.

With total belief in their abilities, with understanding of timing and rhythms, and with the absence of fear, they will be confident in any setting: in auditions; in performances; in life.

Hiram will be teaching  his class later this season and is always available for private coaching, one-on-one, time permitting.


Hiram directed Bruce Smirnoff's award winning one-man show: "Other Than My Health, I Have Nothing!" and is always available to meet with actors or comedians who might be interested in spreading their wings on the stage through the development of their own one-person show.